Who Are We?


Tılsımlı Kuark
Bilgecan Dede
Bilim Ne Güzel Lan!
"I'm a website lan!!!"
Hafız Lakyab
Ali Nesin
This is an account to publish Ali Nesin's articles on the website, with his permission.
Firuze Şenbilim
Ufuk Gökçek
Ferdi Özkütle
Uğur Efem
"They look here"; id est from Ankara. Unlike most of society, she received a diploma in order not to say to those people who tell "Psychology" when you ask what you graduated, "I also wanted Psychology". She is working on a theory of mind in the association for the protection and survival of robots. In her free time, she takes pictures of moments that no one deems worth taking.
Ayarsız Reosta
Alper Dündar
Mehmet Ali Özgündüz
Kazma Prutkov
Deniz Kılıç
Egemen Gorcek


Miles Dyson
One day he found the neural network module of an old T-800 and changed the world. SkyNet brought the ruination of Earth and men. War between the mankind and machines had begun. LOL jk, there is time; but he will do it some day. Roboticist, AI Expert, Developer & BNGL Webmaster.
Our very own grammar nazi. She loves to find and correct grammar errors and/or ambiguities in BNGL.
Caner Kişisi
Olca Mutlu
Creative Stuff Person.