• What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?


  • What are you wearing right now?

My skin.

  • I’m curious about…

Yeah, keep your curiousity!

  • I’ve got a homework that I’m struggling to solve. Could you help me?

First we’ll send you some questions we couldn’t solve. If you help us, we will help you too.

  • Who owns this website?

BNGL belongs to everyone who makes an effort for BNGL.

  • Do you get paid per article?

We even take turns paying the website costs.

  • Are you being serious?

Not at all…

  • Aren’t you a little bit…?

Yeah, a little…

  • Can we contribute to BNGL?

Really?! We hope you’re serious about this <3 Yes, of course you can. Send your drafts to bilimneguzellan [@] gmail [.] com and we’ll see.

  • Don’t you have any work to do?

Does it look like we do?

  • What does BNGL mean?

It is an abbreviaton for a Turkish expression which can be loosely translated as ‘Science is awesome, dude.’

  • Got any spare change?

Change is essential.

  • If we leave black holes in sunlight, would they fade and become white holes?

Nope, they absorb the light and all.

  • If time is expanding according to the theory of relativity, what happens when we slowly expand the time and cool it instantly? Does it crack or toughen up? Does time slow down during winters in Montana?

There can be cracks in the fabric of time, we should ask The Doctor. But it is true that time slows down in Montana.

  • If there is no water in space then how do the spaceships move? Can spaceships be moved on land if necessary?

Because of the buoyancy of the space! Spaceships can move on air, sea or the land. If you attach a full-auto to its tip, they can fire like ‘pew pew.’ Then they crash and explode.

  • We discovered Pluto in 1930 and abolished it from its planet status in 2006. When we no longer considered it as a planet in 2006, how did we put Pluto back into its place where we first found it? How can a disgraced planet who lost its planet rights be kicked from the Solar System? How long do the current planets have the right to stay in the Solar System?

All of these answers are on the immigration laws. Solar System passport is valid for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, Pluto’s passport expired in 2006, but Pluto was able to rejoin us when he renewed it. Likewise, other planets’ passports can expire. When such case happens, planets are kindly asked to leave the Solar System. Failure to do so will urge immigration bureau to chase after the planets. We do not give flying planet of where do the planets go. We unfortunately do not know when do the planets’ passports expire, these documents are kept personal.

  • Why do we always have to break the symmetry? If we keep the symmetry happy, does not it tell us its secrets? Why do we always have to break someone to get what we want???

Because of the dark matter. As you know, dark matter is dark and evil. Thus it breaks the symmetry’s heart.

  • Can the reason for us not to find supersymmetry be that we live in the DC Universe? Why don’t we teleport to the Marvel Universe and look for the Spider-Symmetry?

That’s not how any of it works.